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Our Khulna Newspapers:
Tribiun, Janmobhumi, Anirban, Probaho, Purbanchal, Janabarta, Tatthya, Rajpather Davi, Satya Khabar, Hizbullah, Pathaker Kagoz, Juger Sathi, Kalantor, Viswabarta, Mail, Khulna, Rupsa, Padoddhoni, Chhayapath, Ganobani, Purushottomadyuti, Shikar, Padatik, Agami, Ityadi, Deshkal.

About Our Khulna:
16 December of 1971, Independent Bangladesh was established but Khulna was under the control of Pakistan Army. Next on 17 December as the Pakistani Army surrendered in the Circuit House ground then Khulna got her Independence. Pir Khan Jahan Ali came to preach Islam in this district about 400 years ago. In 1926 Mahatma Gandhi came to Khalishpur to inspire the Swadeshi Movement.

Khulna district was established on 1882. It consists of 9 upazilas and 5 thanas, 71 union parishads, 2 municipalities, 47 wards, 188 mahallas, 747 mouzas and 1106 villages. Khulna District is located in Khulna Division. Districts in Khulna Division are and Bagerhat.and Chuadanga.and Jessore.and Jhenaidah.and Khulna.and Kushtia.and Magura.and Meherpur.and Narail.and Satkhira.

Places to visit in Khulna:
Gollamari Memorial – Memoir for the mass murder in Gollamari river during independence war of 1971. On the way to Khulna University. Khulna University – Located at Gollamari, a modern univerity area with nice view and lakes. Good for spending an afternoon in natural surroundings. Wonderland Shishu (Child) park – At Khalishpur region. A theme park. Fultola Zoo – Maintained by Bangladesh Army. A nice place to spend a whole day. Take a scooter from the city center. Rupsha Bridge – a place frequently visited by local people. In the Lobon Chora area. A long awaited bridge over the Rupsha river connecting Bagerhat and Mongla port. You can walk along the bridge and take a snap of Khulna city and the Rupsha river. The Home of Khan E Sabur – located at Lobon Chora area. Go by rickshaw or scooter. A nice garden and pond. Open for public access. It is a police camp now. A two lion sculpture to the Rupsha river with staircase into the river. There is a nice view of the river and nature. Prem Kanun – Nice statues made of trees and its really awesome place. St Joseph’s Church – On Babu Khan Rd. A catholic church run by the friendly, English-speaking Father Jacob. Daily mass is at 6AM, and they welcome visitors. Market stalls – run along the river between the train station and the ferry terminal. While their products are unlikely to be what tourists are looking to buy, the people are friendly, many of the tea stalls are great, and from time to time you get a glimpse of the river.

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